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Curio Cabinets Display Decorative Items

Your collection of small sculptures, curios or other intriguing art pieces serve little purpose if they’re hidden away in a closet or drawer. After you’ve spent valuable time acquiring these items, it makes the most sense to keep them in view where they may be seen and enjoyed by all. Curio cabinets provide the ideal space for displaying these treasured items. In a kitchen or dining areas, these cabinets may also be used to artfully display your collection of fine serving ware or dishes.

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The main structure of curio cabinets is typically formed of wood or metal, with wood being the more common and popular choice. Wood furniture brings warmth that other materials simply cannot. To provide protection, while also offering easy viewing of display items, most curio cabinets have glass doors. Many also have glass sides and shelves, enabling a panoramic viewing experience.    


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When choosing your display cabinet, look for a color and style that matches both your home decor and complements the items you’ll be displaying. For example, a light-colored wood finish is sometimes most appropriate if you’re displaying dark-colored items. This color contrast enables the items to stand out rather than blend into the background of the cabinet.  

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Another feature to consider is illumination. Many curio cabinets, such as this one by Furniture by Dovetail, are pre-fitted with light fixtures. Lights in display cabinets are always beneficial, but they’re especially important if the room lacks strong lighting or the cabinet will be placed in a shadowed corner.

Whether you wish to display fine china or interesting collectibles, Furniture by Dovetail offers the best in handcrafted curio cabinets and other high quality and high-end furniture. Please visit our furniture collection for ideas. If you desire a custom curio cabinet, please feel free to fill out this form for a quote. 

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